Ginni Tea Industries Limited, a public limited company is one of the leading consumer goods company in North India. We have been in business of Tea for more than two decades and spices for four years.We test almost 500 cups daily to make perfect blend of Tea and to be consistent in quality each variety of tea is choicely picked from the best gardens of Assam, Siliguri and Darjeeling. Every cup of Ginni Tea gives you exquisite aroma and original taste of tea.

Ginni spices are grounded using the unique state-of- the-art Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology, which prevents the evaporation of volatile & delicate oils from spices.
Raw materials are procured from standardized producers, cleaned and ground in state of the art facility and packed with utmost care to ensure their color, freshness and aroma. Quality is a byword for Ginni products which is ensured through rigorous quality control procedures, right from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and packaging of the finished products.

With Ginni products you can ensure healthy, tasty and hygienic eating!
Quality is our passion!

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“Its been more than two years that I came across Ginni Gold Tea and I have been using it since then. I generally like to start my day with something refreshing, natural and energetic and cup of Ginni Tea fulfills it perfectly. I would only say “Isme sachme kuch khaas hai”
-S. Parminder Dhindsa, Finance Minister(Punjab)